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Our Company:  E.D.M. Hospitality Inc. DBA: Co Nam

We are a small start-up hospitality company.  Our goal is to create/expand our portfolio of restaurants and bars.  Our humble beginning started in 2005 with a small 60 seat Vietnamese restaurant, Xyclo, in Oakland, followed by Co Nam in San Francisco in 2012.

The founders Vy Lieou and Trung Nguyen have a combined 30 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry.  Vy Lieou is a culinary graduate from the California Culinary Academy of San Francisco, with prior training at Wolfgang Puck's Postrio.  She is the Executive Chef at Co Nam and also at Xyclo Restaurant in Oakland.  Trung Nguyen is the creative mind behind the restaurant's notable interior design.  He is the managing founder and also the Principal at Three Buddhas Architecture & Construction, where he has been creatively designing and building restaurants, bars, retail spaces for over 10 years.

At E.D.M. Hospitality Inc., we cultivate PASSION for anything hospitality-related.  We eat, breath, live, enjoy what we do–it’s our DNA.   If you are looking to develop your career in the hospitality industry and are ready to break some sweats while having fun and LEARN, then we look forward to meeting you.

While searching for something you enjoy doing for a lifetime is hard, we hope you find and sustain your passion.  

                                                            Trung D. Nguyen
Current Positions:
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Accounting Intern / Assistant
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